Services - Special Projects

As trusted advisers, we are often called on to strategize on business imperatives, area’s of growth, and future directives with our client’s. Occasionally these conversations lead to initiatives that develop into Special Projects.

Case Study: A West Coast headquartered publicly traded semiconductor client wanted to extend their capabilities for one of their product families but were finding it difficult to find the talent they needed in California. We identified a cohesive East Coast based team that was perfectly aligned with the goals of the initiative.

Result: Instant design center at a fraction of the cost of M&A.

Case Study: One of our VC funded technology company’s had been funded to develop a unique mpeg2 chipset for satellite TV on the PC, and were tasked to organically grow the development team. We introduced a team of algorithmic DSP and embedded software developers that had, to their credits, designed one of the most successful commercially available MPEG decoding products of the time.

Result: Accelerated time to market and product launch by months.