Services - Contingent Search

When a search is at the non-executive level or the firm needs occasional augmentation of their internal staffing organization Contingent Search is often the best solution.

Our focus is on both resume and on reputation . We identify our target candidates by discreetly discovering who, from the viewpoint of their customers, their coworkers, and their competitors, are the top performers. These are candidates that tend to receive many calls from recruiters and are typically not looking.” Our approach is different. Using credibility, synergy and understanding of the intangibles, we obtain the combination of factors that will drive top talent to move toward career improvement. “By aligning our client company’s requirements with the career improvement desires of the candidate we are able to break free passive candidates with high frequency.

Functional Practices: Professional

  • Sales
  • Sales Engineering
  • Alliances
  • Marketing
  • Professional Services
  • Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Data Scientists